The Talent Club has announced its first investment in YouFirst Sports. The company , headquartered in Madrid , will lead the sports & entertainment activity of The Talent Club within this new partnership . With more than 600 players and athletes represented , YouFirst Sports ranks among the 20 top sports agencies worldwide. It operates in 11 countries through 17 offices and is currently expanding its representation services to other communities and skillsets in the entertainment arena.

Representing talent along a lifelong professional career is a never-ending activity that requires not only knowing better than anybody else the skills , capabilities and progression of your customer but also working permanently on the next steps to offer him/her.

Juan Aisa, CEO of YouFirst Sports

We believe we can capitalize on the unique experience of YouFirst Sports at representing talent fron all over the world. In a world of scarce talent, we want our customers, whether they are athletes, engineers, data scientists or top managers, to have the best agents to work for their future.

Jerome Caille , CEO of THE TALENT CLUB