Sportcarriere is a recruitment & consulting company solely focused on sports & entertainment activities . Its profound knowledge and expertise in these two markets combined with its specialised database of specialised talent make of Sportcarriere an unavoidable partner for big sports events.

The Talent Club has acquired a majority stake and will bring its financial and operational capabilities to accelerate the international deployment of the firm. Alain Ghibaudo, founder and chairman of Sportcarriere will lead the international growth of the company, while it delivers on the next big international sporting events taking place in France over the next years.

The Talent Club and Sportcarriere are focused in the sports & entertainment arena and share a common vision on the need of companies, events and talents to rely on the best partner to bring them together. Despite the growth and size of the two markets that we address , the talent community around them is still small and this makes our partnership a great opportunity to become an international reference.

Alain Ghibaudo, Chairman

With this new partnership , The Talent Club reinforces its sports & entertainment arm in which it already operates through YouFirst Sports, its first investment since its creation in April 2019.

Sportcarriere is the ideal partner for The Talent Club and its current associates. While sports and entertainment are eating the world, we feel our association will improve the possibilities for our talents to start and develop meaningful professional careers within these industries. Our role of Talent Agents will undoubtedly grow as more and more talents will put their future steps in our hands.

Jerome Caille, CEO of The Talent Club