April 6, 2021

Lincoln and Digital Jobs join forces to strengthen their leadership in the digital and data world

The Talent Club adds a new member to its talent platform after completing the acquisition by Lincoln , its partner in the Leaders & Experts practice, of a majority stake in Digital Jobs, the Paris-based executive search company specialized in digital talent management.   

In a changing environment where digital transformation represents a huge opportunity for companies to remain succesful, the combination of forces between Lincoln and Digital Jobs will enable to better support companies in their growth and the development of their technological innovations, both in France and internationally, by offering Talents a real career accelerator.

This alliance opens up new perspectives for the Talents represented by Digital Jobs, both through the development of its  international presence and the diversification of their know-how with the Leadership Advisory expertise at Lincoln.

"Lincoln will allow us to develop our international presence and be closer to our clients when they are looking for local talent. By joining Lincoln and The Talent Club , we benefit from the power of their tools and highly qualified resources. Lincoln’s strong presence in Asia and Europe and its expertise in solutions complementary to executive search, notably executive coaching and assessment, will definitely accelerate our growth.  We are thus participating in the creation of an international leader in talent representation with partners who share our values."

Marie Canzano, Founder, Digital Jobs

"We are delighted to welcome Digital Jobs to the Lincoln ecosystem as well as to The Talent Club family. Today more than ever, Talents with expertise in digital and data issues are essential to ensure the growth and economic resilience of organisations. This is what digital transformation is all about for our clients. Thanks to the specialized and recognized expertise of Digital Jobs, we will be helping our Talents to thrive in the challenging professional journeys that digitalization is creating in all companies around the world."

Gwenaël Perrot, Managing Director, Lincoln

February 5, 2021

You First Sports acquires The Influencer group in Spain

The deal creates Spain's leading talent management and content marketing group with guaranteed performance in the sports and entertainment industry.

  • Allowing You First Sports to enhance its capabilities in creativity, production, distribution, measurement and data, with exclusive, direct and immediate access to more than a thousand talents in sport, esports, film, television and digital creation.
  • Strengthens You First Sports position in the entertainment sector and expands its portfolio with new talent, offering strong expertise in the management, development, promotion and monetisation of its clients' careers.
  • The deal contributes to the strategic objectives of the Spanish multinational - present in 12 countries and 4 continents - based on the growth of its client portfolio and commitment to provide greater added value to the talents and brands that it partners with.

You First Sports (YFS), the Spanish sports and entertainment multinational for brands and talent, has completed the acquisition of The Influencer Group (TIG).  The deal allows You First Sports to become the leading content marketing group in Spain with guaranteed performance and exclusive, direct and immediate access to more than 1,000 talents in sports, esports, film, television and digital creation.

With this acquisition, the company strengthens its position in the entertainment sector and enhances its capabilities in creativity, production, distribution, measurement and data of content, reinforcing its digital commitment and providing solutions that are both effective and measurable for brand communications.

The integration of The Influencer Group also means the incorporation into the You First talent portfolio of such outstanding profiles as Cristina Pedroche, Lorena Castell, Jorge Cremades, Susi Caramelo, Marta Riumbau, Dani Mateo and Marta Torné, with an audience of more than 50 million on social media. These talents now combine with other big names in sport, esports and/or entertainment that are represented by You First Sports and that include Ja Morant, Willy Hernangómez, Fabián Ruiz, Mariano Díaz, Julio Maldonado "Maldini", Míster Chip, Ona Carbonell, ElmiilloR and Rubik, amongst others.

This deal is in line with the strategic objectives of the Spanish multinational - present in 12 countries and 4 continents - based on the growth of its client portfolio, the professionalisation of the sector it operates in and the improvement of its capabilities to provide greater added value to talents and brands.

You First Sports, founded in 2002 and ranked 19th in the Forbes list of the ‘World’s Most Valuable Sport Agencies 2020’, brings strong expertise in the management, development, promotion and monetisation of its clients' careers, as well as an extensive international network of 21 offices in 12 countries and proven experience in the provision of legal, financial and communication services, amongst other areas. In addition to its proven effectiveness in branded content and influencer marketing, You First Sports now has the ability to provide accurate measurement and guaranteed results that deliver an assured ROI. The company already has a powerful production capacity with its own audiovisual production company and a distribution network that partners with new digital channels to provide a high level of support to clients.

"The acquisition of The Influencer Group allows us to lead the influencer and content marketing sector in the field of sports and entertainment in Spain. Our goal is to continue professionalising this sector and improve our capabilities for both brands and talent. We are adding to the Group teams with highly qualified people from different fields, and who all share the same vision of growth."

David Brabender, Managing Director, You First Marketing

"Thanks to our new partner, we will be able to focus further on content marketing, creativity and performance and subsequently enhance our unique service for advertisers. In addition, our digital talent and entertainment divisions - led by María Vega and María Acosta, under the direction of our new partner - will be able to offer our unique service to advertisers."

Javier Sabata, Managing Director, The Influencer Group

January 13, 2021

The Talent Club and The Bozz enter the Belgian recruitment market

The Bozz is a brand-new start-up created in September 2020 by The Talent Club with Alexis Remacle (former General Manager – Accent Jobs) as its Chief Executive Officer. Based in Belgium, the company positions itself as a real agent for both technical and office talents. Specialized in highly skilled and experienced profiles, The Bozz aims to act as a career-booster for the talents it represents.

"The market is becoming more and more competitive and we noticed that career changes and recruitment processes are often perceived by talents as long and painful. We aim at differentiating by providing a unique level of service to them."

Alexis Remacle, CEO and Co-founder of The Bozz

To help top talents finding the best job opportunities, The Bozz offers an individual approach as an unprecedented experience to talents.

"We discuss with our talents to target their needs and expectations, proactively approach companies for them, coach them and accompany them to interviews to maximize their chances to get their dream job."

Alexis Remacle, CEO and Co-founder of The Bozz

In addition, The Bozz also commits to give immediate feedback and follow-up to make sure talents benefit from the best recruitment experience.

"The Belgian recruitment market is extremely competitive as demand exceeds supply in many industries and job categories. It is only by looking to candidates as our real customers, with all of its implications at service level, that we can create a new experience that fulfills their expectations. This is at the very heart of The Talent Club vision and purpose and we firmly believe in The Bozz to become an undisputed leader in such a challenging market…"

Jérôme Caille, CEO of The Talent Club

To know more about The Bozz, visit www.thebozz.be

March 3, 2020

French sports & entertainment Sportcarriere joins forces with The Talent Group to boost its international deployment

Sportcarriere is a recruitment & consulting company solely focused on sports & entertainment activities . Its profound knowledge and expertise in these two markets combined with its specialised database of specialised talent make of Sportcarriere an unavoidable partner for big sports events.

The Talent Club has acquired a majority stake and will bring its financial and operational capabilities to accelerate the international deployment of the firm. Alain Ghibaudo, founder and chairman of Sportcarriere will lead the international growth of the company, while it delivers on the next big international sporting events taking place in France over the next years.

The Talent Club and Sportcarriere are focused in the sports & entertainment arena and share a common vision on the need of companies, events and talents to rely on the best partner to bring them together. Despite the growth and size of the two markets that we address , the talent community around them is still small and this makes our partnership a great opportunity to become an international reference.

Alain Ghibaudo, Chairman

With this new partnership , The Talent Club reinforces its sports & entertainment arm in which it already operates through YouFirst Sports, its first investment since its creation in April 2019.

Sportcarriere is the ideal partner for The Talent Club and its current associates. While sports and entertainment are eating the world, we feel our association will improve the possibilities for our talents to start and develop meaningful professional careers within these industries. Our role of Talent Agents will undoubtedly grow as more and more talents will put their future steps in our hands.

Jerome Caille, CEO of The Talent Club

January 22, 2020

The Talent Club grows its Business Managers arm by adding french leader Lincoln Group as its new partner.

Lincoln Group, the french company leader in Talent & Career Management has joined The Talent Club and will lead the growth in its international Business Managers Talents arm. The Talent Club becomes the majority shareholder while Lincoln's former shareholders keep the rest of the shares. Matthieu Beaurain and Gwenael Perrot, President and Chief Executive Director of Lincoln Group keep their operational roles and become shareholders at The Talent Club es well as members of its Executive Committee.

With this new partnership, The Talent Club , created in April 2019, completes its third investment after those made in YouFirst Sports and Between Technology.

With Lincoln Group, The Talent Club associates with the best partner to drive its international growth in the Business Management field. Lincoln Group shares with us the strong vision on how talent needs to be nurtured and taken care of to succeed professionally. We definitely want to build on this vision.

Jerome Caille, CEO of The Talent Club

Lincoln Group adds to the Talent Club its presence in 7 countries and plans to develop its international network in two new countries in 2020.

December 1, 2019

Barcelona based Between Technology joins The Talent Club to lead its Engineering & IT arm.

Alya Serpens SL , owner of Between Technology S.L has sold a majority stake in the company to The Talent Club of Companies S.L . The founders and three partners of Alya Serpens SL, Francesc Civit, Eliduvina Abad and Oscar Serret remain linked to the company as directors and join The Talent Club as shareholders to participate in its development and international growth, leading the area of Engineering Talent.

Between Technology SL is a company of talent management services in engineering and information technologies, with headquarters in Barcelona and international presence in 5 countries. In 2019, it will exceed 27 million euros in revenue, with a growth of 23% with respect to 2018.

After 5 years of double-digit growth in which we have established ourselves as a benchmark in our markets, we have decided to integrate our project into The Talent Club and thus accelerate our international expansion along with the best partners to share our vision of modern management of specialised talent.

Oscar Serret , Vice Chairman of the board

Managing and representing scarce talent is a challenge that Between Technology is addressing successfully .The Talent Club brings together both the vision and the capabilities to continue building on its current performance.

Jerome Caille , CEO of The Talent Club

October 30, 2019

YouFirst Sports partners with The Talent Club to lead its sports-related talent activity.

The Talent Club has announced its first investment in YouFirst Sports. The company , headquartered in Madrid , will lead the sports & entertainment activity of The Talent Club within this new partnership . With more than 600 players and athletes represented , YouFirst Sports ranks among the 20 top sports agencies worldwide. It operates in 11 countries through 17 offices and is currently expanding its representation services to other communities and skillsets in the entertainment arena.

Representing talent along a lifelong professional career is a never-ending activity that requires not only knowing better than anybody else the skills , capabilities and progression of your customer but also working permanently on the next steps to offer him/her.

Juan Aisa, CEO of YouFirst Sports

We believe we can capitalize on the unique experience of YouFirst Sports at representing talent fron all over the world. In a world of scarce talent, we want our customers, whether they are athletes, engineers, data scientists or top managers, to have the best agents to work for their future.

Jerome Caille , CEO of THE TALENT CLUB

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